VIP Protection

With the growing crime rate, we take into consideration of how we should protect our Government officials, business owners, celebrities and private individuals. Our highly trained Professional Close Protection Officers ensure that the client protected, and the service is kept consistent.

VIP state protection services have escalated throughout the years as the service has to be continuously improved. This shows the importance of investing in security in the country which any company can ensure that this is carried through for any executive in organizations who requires this service. We are able to conduct sweeps in venues which your executive will be making use of and ensure that meetings with hotel staff, local law enforcement officers are informed. Our highly trained officers are highly confidential and make use of intelligence techniques to ensure that all basis of protection are covered.

Features & Benefits


Provides sense of ease on a higher level for executives

Why Choose TPS Vala?


TPS Vala is a long standing security company that has been operating for 17 years. This company was founded by Carlo Goertz a former Police Sergeant and a former Operations Manager for a security company.  There is a new partnership has been formed with Nozipho Bohlela who has extensive experience in Sales and Marketing in hospitality management. The aim of this transition is to be aligned with the economic transformation process to grant the company growth, increase job creation with keeping the GDP in mind, expanding our services approaching new market segments with a strategic approach.


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