Hospitality Investigations

Reveal concealed issues from management and provide security support using advanced techniques to enable your company to retain costs on security and losses. Provide support on how to monitor and recover what was lost. Focus on the value and principles of the company to achieve the best results at hand

Comprehensive Investigation Services

Investigations are a process which we take pride in. As the TPS Vala Team implements the improved procedures, we ensure that we always have the best interest at heart for your organization with the aim of improving and retaining costs. The task team is highly equipped to carry the work at hand by making use of the refined tools. As the security is once of the pillars of the success of a company, we ensure that the processes are constantly refined and improved by learning and implementing 1st world country investigations of knowledge and technology.

Why choose TPS Vala?

TPS Vala is a long standing security company that has been operating for 17 years. This company was founded by Carlo Goertz a former Police Sergeant and a former Operations Manager for a security company.  There is a new partnership has been formed with Nozipho Bohlela who has extensive experience in Sales and Marketing in hospitality management. The aim of this transition is to be aligned with the economic transformation process to grant the company growth, increase job creation with keeping the GDP in mind, expanding our services approaching new market segments with a strategic approach.


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