CCTV & Surveillance

The importance of surveillance in any household or company provides a sense of ease in your presence or absence. We provide guidance, regulation and supervision to strengthen the security pillar.

As TPS Vala Holdings (PTY) LTD prides itself with making use of state-of-the-art technology, being in touch with technology is ideal to be ahead of what the market is currently providing. We have 1st world IT technicians creating hardware & software for improvement of TPS Vala Holdings (PTY) LTD to ensure the safety and monitoring aspect of this service is unmatched by our competitors and gives you the best value for money.

Features & Benefits


Advanced technology


Sense of ease



Why Choose TPS Vala?


TPS Vala is a licenced and insured business and will offer both armed and unarmed guards. All security staff are registered with the Private Security Regulatory Authority. TPS Vala’s aim will be to provide a unique service offering to its clients by understanding their industry needs and exceeding customer expectations.  Most of all, the aim of building a trustworthy solid working relationship with each client. Management will keep constant communication with gaurds and most importantly their clients by untilising various communication platforms. Gaurds who encounter criminal activity will alert the authorities immediately rather than going through a communications center. TPS Vala office is fully operational and has s 24hr call center with on call personnel. 


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